Saturday, August 20, 2005

Encrypting Data Travell withing or outside Network Through Oracle Advanced Security Option.

Data Transfer between network in plain text through Advance Security you can encrypt it.

You must need to configure oracle server and client.
You can do this through GUI tool.
But its also simple to do through without GUI. so below I had mention steps without GUI option.

You can use EtherDetect tool to check data traveling between Server and client to check this.

Steps at sever side
1.You need to edit sqlnet.ora which you will find in oracle home, network,admin folder (directory).
2.Add below three parameters.

You can set any text in crypto_seed.

Only if we can set server side this will not work mean text will not be encrypted. You must need to specify at client side sqlnet.ora file.

3.Add below three parameters which you will find at same place.
SQLNET.CRYPTO_SEED= sdfhasfasfha

We had set encryption_client parameter to requested means during the handshake between client and server. Client will request to sever for encryption and we had set at server to be accepted so server will accept encryption.

You can find more information on parameter at oracle documentation at oracle technology site in Oracle Advance Security Administrator’s guide.

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