Monday, July 14, 2014

Multiple TAN number for single company for 24Q in SAP

Have requirement from user in single company code require two different TAN number based on location.

Earlier we maintain single TAN number for one Company.

i.e. Call transaction PE03 Enter 40ECC in feature

Now in company code IP we have two TAN number based on location i.e. Dehradun and Sikkim.
Also in SAP PAYROLL we have separate Payroll area for both location i.e. Dehradun  = INDD and Sikkim = INSK.
As we have separate PAYROLL area based on Location its possible.
To get solution have to follow below steps.
Keep cursor position @ company code and click create

Choose company code from list.

Keep cursor position in company code and choose on create nodes.

Choose field for decision operation

Choose WERKS Personnel Area

Keep cursor position @ WERKS Perfonnel Area and choose create nodes.

Choose Personnel area

Keep cursor position @ Personnel area and click on create nodes

Choose Return table

Choose new table

Enter 1 to 9 rows in table values and click on return.

Change cursor against each value and choose edit and change as desired values.

Same procedure follows for other personnel area

Now during 24Q channel mapping have to choose appropriate TAN number and personnel area for employee selection.

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